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Borneo Travel

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For a different kind of experience, Borneo travel is something for any avid globetrotter to add to their list. Regarded as the world’s third largest island, Borneo has something for everyone.

The Countries of Borneo

The island is comprised of three governing countries: Brunei, Malaysia, and Indonesia. On the island’s north coast, the state of Brunei occupies about 1% of Borneo’s total land area. Malaysia’s Sabah and Sarawak states, on the other hand, own 26% of the island’s northern region.The country of Indonesia makes up the remaining 73% of Borneo’s land mass.

This interesting island setup is the exact reason Borneo is a highly recommended travel destination: this place is equipped with so much variety that you can find almost everything an avid traveler could ask for.

Types of Travel Experiences on Borneo

Traveling to Borneo is a rather unique experience. If culture is your main travel priority, this island has a thriving cultural background with myriad traditions to explore and people to meet, since it is shared by three distinct nations.

If nature is your cup of tea, this island should also be at the top of your travel choices. Home to one of the oldest and richest rainforests in the world, Borneo is anything but lacking in terms of natural wonders and resources.

And of course, if adventure is what keeps you pumped up during your travels, this southeast Asian island also offers some of the most exciting and engaging activities that adrenaline junkies will love.

Activities in Borneo

Borneo may seem far away, but it is more than worth the time and investment. There are many wonderful things to see and activities to immerse yourself in all across the island.

For instance, Borneo has some of the most awe-inspiring diving and snorkeling sites in the world. In fact, avid divers and snorkelers would come all the way from various parts of the globe just to have a first-hand experience in these thriving underwater wonders.

Hiking or just getting outdoors is a must-do when you are on the island. Considering Borneo’s unique and beautifully rugged topography, it is a fitting location for off-road expeditions. Other interesting sights on the island of Borneo include its world-famous orangutan, various indigenous communities, and varied wildlife.

Borneo’s Transformation into a Vacation Destination

A decade ago, Borneo was not widely regarded as a top-notch travel destination. But due to the recent emergence of a worldwide travel culture, made possible by increasingly affordable airfare rates, Borneo has been discovered by tourists from around the globe. Ever since, this island has welcomed all types of travelers. From the big spenders to the shoestring travelers or backpackers, Borneo has hosted a wide array of globetrotters.

For the big spenders, Borneo offers an exhaustive list of high end hotels and accommodations. These establishments are equipped with state-of-the-art amenities that are sure to satisfy even the most discerning guests or clients. When it comes to dining, the island is also home to first class restaurants, and there is even a wide array of gourmet dining brands to choose from.

Meanwhile, for the shoestring travelers, the island of Borneo offers some of the world’s cheapest lodging and accommodation options in the form of transient houses, homestays, and the like. Cheap dining areas as well as food kiosks abound in the various regions around the island.

Tourism Infrastructure

Since the island of Borneo is governed by three different countries, one should expect that tourism infrastructure is not consistent across all of the island’s locales or areas. Tourists can be assured, however, that Borneo has all the basics for a safe and comfortable travel experience, and sometimes more. For example, the national roads in the island are quite dependable. Local airports are also scattered in several destinations, making air travel an easy and reliable transportation option for those who wish to hop from one place to another. And many tour companies these days offer specific eco tours, which are designed to bring you close to the sights while doing as little harm as possible the natural environment and local communities.

Government offices, such as Tourism Malaysia, are more than ready to take in concerns or queries from tourists. Plus, business establishments are numerous, so tourists who feel the need for some serious retail therapy can easily get their shopping fix.

An incredible vacation

For travelers who are in for a new kind of adventure, traveling to Borneo is indeed a superb option. This island has its own charm and character that makes Borneo travel an altogether memorable and rewarding journey.